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Leah's Story

Hey, im Leah & im stoked that you’re here. Let me share a little bit about how I got here in the first place.

In my late teenage years I gained a lot of weight from poor diet & lifestyle which when I came to my adult years I decided it was time to make some healthy changes. What I thought were healthy changes quickly became an obsession. Years of dieting, restrictive eating, counting calories, spending hours in the gym, over training and me being your typical ‘A type’ personality type was what quickly sent me on a one way ticket to hormonal chaos. This was when my hormonal health journey began.

After years of over exercising and chronically under eating my body decided it had had enough & completely shut down on me. My weight started to slowly creep on despite my best efforts to keep it off, my energy levels had plummeted to an all time low, not to mention the years of ongoing digestive issues, IBS, bloating, gas & constipation-you name it, I had it!

The real issues started after I decided to take myself off Hormonal Birth control after being on it for over a decade. This was when all hell broke loose.

Crippling fatigue, rapid weight gain that I couldn’t lose, inability to sleep throughout the night, headaches, moodiness, little to no motivation, thinning hair & my digestive issues went out of control. I didn’t have the energy or motivation to work out anymore, I went up 2 clothing sizes & I was literally having an identity crisis. Eventually, I found out that I had what is known as Hypolathamic amenorrhea which basically means my period went MIA & I had become infertile. Think the hormones of a menopausal woman at the age 25, not ideal. As well as this I had adrenal burnout, a sluggish thyroid & SIBO which is an overgrowth of bacteria that occurs in the small intestine. But, even though I now knew what I was dealing with, that didn’t answer my question: What the hell happened & how do I fix it?

I was on a mission to heal. I wanted to regain my health, my happiness & no longer feel as if I was in this constant war with my body. So I decided to dig deep.

My Doctors had let me down. They offered me no helpful advice, if anything just multiple misdiagnosis & I was SO tired of feeling exhausted, helpless and overweight. So I decided to  investigate the female body & hello hormones. I was so shocked to see the vital role that nutrition, lifestyle, gut health, thyroid, exercise and our environment has on our hormonal health. Especially being someone who was already in the health industry and thought she was doing everything ‘right’.

This was the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new chapter. From this day onwards I made it my absolute goal to heal. I took my health into my own hands, reached out to other amazing woman’s health experts for their guidance, rewrote all my habits and continually researched, experimented and trusted that my body new how to heal itself when given the correct tools.

Eventually everything started to fit together. I ditched everything I had learnt in the past around exercise & nutrition. I stopped training myself into the ground at the gym 6 x per week, I stopped cutting calories and instead I started listening to my body. I cut my exercise down & only lift weights a few times a week, I started getting out in nature more, ate nutrient dense foods, prioritized my stress management and healed my gut. After going all in for 3 months my period returned. Don’t get me wrong, no it wasn’t always easy, yes there was multiple tears & a few breakdowns but there was also something so much bigger I gained during this process. A new love and appreciation for my body. I learnt that less is more, especially when it comes to woman & optimal hormonal health. I learnt the importance of understanding your body & listening to the constant messages its giving you on a daily basis. But most importantly I found a deep & utter respect for my body I had never had. After everything I had put it through, it still had the amazing ability to overcome, restore and heal itself with the alliance of myself.

I truly believe that there is nothing more powerful than having a loving & respectful relationship with your body. Being able to truly connect with your body & understanding it, is key to achieving your feminine vitality.

You + Me

My 1 : 1 Hormonal coaching is designed for woman who are ready to dig deep & take control of their health & hormones. Woman who have had enough of the guess work & have experienced enough frustration.


A place to share and Tell all — to create a safe space where you can educate yourself on understanding your own health and Wellbeing. I also want to provide a non-judgmental environment where you can go and relate to the ongoing issues of daily life, and feel comfortable knowing that were all going through the same struggles.

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