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It ain’t nothing but a number

I wanted to share with you all a personal experience I had during my Health & Wellbeing Journey & an important lesson that I want you to take away from it. It was a normal Monday Morning as usual, I arrived at the gym ready to kick start my week with a good sweat session. My motivation was peaking, energy levels were high & what did I have to go & do??? Exactly what I tell all my clients not to do all the time, I went & jumped on the scales. Which was then very quickly followed by an OMG reaction!! As I look down the number staring back at me was not what I was expecting. I hadn’t prepped myself for this! My weight was 3kgs HEAVIER than my normal weight. How did this happen? I had a million thoughts running through my head at this stage, trying to rationalise this number. Nothing had changed, my nutrition was the same, I’d been eating clean whole foods, I’d been training consistently, my clothes were still fitting the same. What was wrong?

With all these questions and doubts running rapid in my mind I had to quickly snap myself out of it. I took a moment to gather my thoughts, gave myself a little pep talk & pretended like it meant absolutely nothing to me, when really, I had this horrible feeling lurking over me all day.

Hmmm Funny that. It took a while for me to realize the impact this number had had on me. My mood had dropped, as much as I put a smile on & went about my day, my self-esteem was low & all I kept hearing in my head was these ongoing thoughts of guilt, disgust, failure & my motivation was nearly non-existent.
Fast track to Two days later, I decided to jump back on the scales. Yes!! A sigh of relief, I was back to my normal weight. Hallelujah & what a difference this had made to my mindset. I was full of energy, the positive thoughts were flowing through, my self-esteem was high, I liked what I saw looking back at me in the mirror & I was more determined than ever to keep smashing my goals, I felt empowered!

Looking back on this I know realize how much I struggled with the phycological side of my weight and how this impacted my overall mental health, happiness and worse of all my self-worth. Having been on the other side & weighing over 24kgs heavier than I am currently, I was always anxious of going back there, that my weight had become an obsession. I had let this define me as a person, I had given it the power to control my life and dictate my happiness.

How could I let this ruin my whole day, my start to the new week. What do I mean “I haven’t prepped myself for this?” Like I need to brace myself for the outcome of some non-significant number. Have things really gotten to this, that I honestly cant love and embrace who I am without having reassurance from some unnecessary bathroom accessory. Wow. The sad truth is that I’m not only one living this, there are millions of people out there who go through this same struggle each day that it starts to consume us, daunt us even.

This isn’t okay, our lives shouldn’t be so caught up in how much we weight. What we need to realize is our weight doesn’t define who we are as a person, it doesn’t rate our self-worth and it certainly doesn’t control our happiness. It’s simply just a number & as simple as that number is, when it comes to weight loss & what the scales say it isn’t as simple as just a number.

What we need to remember is that there are so many factors that come in to play when it comes to what the number on the scales say. We need to take into consideration factors such as our stress levels, water retention, what you ate the night before, how much fluids you’ve drank, your last bowel movement, hormones and inflammation to name a few. If any of these are present in your body the scales are never going to read accurate and they’ll never stay the same each time we jump on them.

So if you’re feeling great and you’re loving the feedback your bodies giving you, let that be enough! Turn your focus away from what the scales say and focus instead on how you feel. Exercise because you love the feeling of being healthy, of being fit and of being strong. Focus less on being a particular number and instead work on creating a positive mindset when it comes to your health & wellness. Lets take the pressure off ourselves to look and be a certain way, that’s only adding unnecessary stress to our bodies which is only going to result in that unwanted weight gain you’ve been so relentlessly trying to lose! So let go of these expectations, enjoy the journey you’re on and always take time to appreciate how far you’ve come. From there the rest will just fall into place.

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