The uplifting, inspiring & seriously transformational 6 week mentoring experience changing women’s life’s through self-healing, reconnection & reigniting your inner goddess. It is for women to rediscover their true worth, restore their inner confidence & to step into the empowering women that YOU are. 


I am so fricken excited to have you here & I truly believe that you have been guided here for a reason. Whether you call that intuition, your higher self, the universe or pure coincidence, there is a reason you have found yourself here on this page. My bet is you are a women who is tired of hiding away & dimming her own light. A women who deeply desires to be seen & heard for who she truly is. A women who craves more in her life. More love. More happiness. More excitement & more connection. You no longer wish to be controlled by the fear of judgement or limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from embracing & embodying the fucking fierce, powerful, beautiful women that you are! Well girl, I’ve got you covered. This is exactly why I created Awaken. With the one sole purpose of creating a safe space for women to shed back their layers, to reconnect with who they truly are outside of their conditioning & to fully own & embody their enoughness in a world that’s made you believe otherwise. Get ready my love because this is literally the beginning of a brand new way of living & experiencing your life. Make way for a brand new you. The YOU you always new you were meant to be xx

Are you ready to...

  • Become so fucking aware of your thoughts, feelings & beliefs & how they control every single part of your being?
  • Release all the fear that has been holding you back from stepping into your power & your souls purpose in life?
  • Be fucking seen!! Expect to step into your light & embody everything that you truly are?
  • Rediscover & reconnect with who you truly are outside of your conditioning & beliefs?
  • Start loving & embracing yourself again for all that you are & not from what others have made you think you need to be?
  • Rediscover the true power & control YOU have over living & experiencing the life you’ve always desired?
  • Rebuild your confidence & reignite the fierce, fun loving women that you are?
  • Learn how to love & trust again after hurt, heart ache & trauma?
  • Cultivate deep, soulful connections in all your relationships in life?
  • Feel empowered to create the health & happiness you so deeply desire & deserve?
  • Restore & reclaim your self worth & begin making yourself a priority?
  • Rediscover that you are truly worthy of living & experience a life that you desire?
  • Start living a guilt free life of full alignment FOR YOU?
  • Wake up every morning fucking loving life?


  • Feel like you’ve been hiding, suppressing & ignoring your needs, desires & feelings in life & you’re ready to embrace & embody the fucking goddess that you are!
  • Have experienced trauma, heart break & negative experiences in life that you wish to release, process & heal from.
  • No longer choose to feel held back, hidden & controlled by your past hurts & instead want to step up & reclaim back your power, strength, love & light in life.
  • Want more in life but something always holds you back, fear takes over & you find yourself ALWAYS dimming your light.
  • Feel like you've lost touch of who you truly are & long to reconnect & rediscover your inner self.
  • Feel like the world, people & experiences have knocked you time & time again that your confidence & self worth is nearly non existent.
  • No longer chose to live in your shadows. You’re ready to release the shit you’ve been carrying for all these years & start living the life you so deeply desire.
  • Are tired of living in a constant battle with yourself. You’re ready to love & embrace every single part of your being, flaws, hurts, past & all.
  • Are ready to release destructive beliefs that no longer serve you & start living your life in true alignment.
  • Crave more in life. More love, More freedom. More happiness. More purpose & more adventure.
  • Feel overwhelmed, confused & would love nothing more than to be surrounded by a sisterhood of woman all on the same journey, supporting & uplifting each other – 100% judgment free.
  • Are finally committed to putting yourself first, doing the hard work & creating major shifts as you welcome in 2020!

True growth & healing happens here.

Life gets to be easy

Today I live a vibrant & abundant life where I’m able to show up as my most radiant self & hold space for beautiful souls just like you through self healing, reconnection & self love.

Yesterday, however was an immensely different story.

I spent so many Years never truly knowing who Leah was & living a life of what I thought others wanted me to be. I lived in constant fear of peoples judgement, I dimmed my light & never felt truly comfortable to just be me. I wore so many masks & always put on a happy face but deep down I felt so alone, so disconnected & just so lost. I didn’t know what made me, me. I felt I had no true understanding or relationship with myself & that I was simply going through the motions of life.

It took me Years to realise how much of my behaviours, decisions & actions I took in life were a direct result of the unprocessed trauma, stored emotions & limiting beliefs I had carried about myself for over 20 years. As much as I thought I was in control of my past the reality was it was still controlling me through eating disorders, infertility, fear, low self esteem, body image struggles, distrust & zero self love or self worth for myself.

The day I decided to no longer let me beliefs control & dictate my life anymore was the day my life literally changed. I no longer ran away from my thoughts or feelings & instead allowed myself the space to feel & acknowledge all that I was feeling. I no longer judged myself for my experiences or traumas in life but instead, accepted & released them. I no longer chose to carry around the feelings of shame, guilt or blame & instead chose to love, embrace & accept all that I am.

I now know my worth in the world & believe that I am deserving of anything I desire in life & my loves YOU CAN TOO.

Get ready to access your highest self & start living a life you truly, madly & deeply love free from fear, judgement & destructive beliefs.


What will be covered?

  • Week One: Releasing & processing stored emotions, beliefs & trauma to cultivate healing + How to heal your physical body by releasing what no longer serves you.
  • Week Two: Cultivating self love & self acceptance + Living in with intention aligned with your authentic self
  • Week Three: Honouring your self worth: Embodying the fucking goddess that you are + Mastering your mindset to activate your next level self.
  • Week Four: Igniting your inner confidence & embracing the skin you're in + Harnessing unconditional body love.
  • Week Five: Reconnecting to your inner source & rediscovering your true identity + Embodying & embracing your divine feminine energy
  • Week Six: Love, relationships & reconnection: Creating deep connection in all relationships in your life + Cultivating trust & reigniting your love life.

What you'll get...

  • 1 x 30min 1:1 Live Call with Leah
  • 6 value packed live trainings with Leah to educate, support & guide you on your self healing journey
  • Weekly aligned workbooks following up each live call to help implement & cement each weeks learnings & tasks
  • Weekly Intention setting & card readings to help you stay in alignment & connecting to your inner self.
  • Access to me, my resources and knowledge throughout the whole 6 Weeks​
  • A safe space for you to share & tell all. This is a sisterhood of women holding space for one another to heal, release & step into their fucking power!
  • Life time access to all of the course content, workbook & live calls
  • Weekly goal setting & challenges to help you get the most out of your investment.
  • Access to the private Awaken Facebook Group where you next level life all begins.

Your Investment

Awaken the 6 week Montoring Experience

Pay upfront & save
$ 666

Awaken the 6 week Montoring Experience

2 x Monthly Payments
$ 375

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