“This Is Me”.

“My Truth”. I’m literally still in slight of disbelief that I am actually putting my truth to paper for you all to read. I never thought I would ever share my past in a quest of helping other women but honestly, this is partly because I hadn’t even acknowledge that this was part of my […]

The power of self-awareness

Learning to be more Zen ✌🏼 I wanted to share a moment of my own self discovery. For years I’ve been your typical train hard, clean eating, meals every 2-3 hours, no processed foods and all the rest that comes with this typical stereotype. I had to make sure each week I completed my 5 weights […]

What stress is really doing to you!

Unfortunately in today’s world its more common than not that too many of us are living in a constant state of stress, where what we now perceive as urgent is as little as what we have to do each day. Things like checking our emails, getting the kids ready for school, planning what to have […]

It ain’t nothing but a number

I wanted to share with you all a personal experience I had during my Health & Wellbeing Journey & an important lesson that I want you to take away from it. It was a normal Monday Morning as usual, I arrived at the gym ready to kick start my week with a good sweat session. […]